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Whether you need cabinetry for a new build or a remodel, we can make sure it is installed correctly and looks great.

Quality cabinetry is an important element of any home, whether it is a standalone home, a townhome or an apartment, and we want to help you get cabinets that will look beautiful and be exceptionally functional for years to come. Here at Speedy Enrichment Contractor, LLC, we have the knowledge and experience needed to make sure you have quality cabinetry that is installed correctly – making sure that it is securely attached, level and flush every time.

Cabinetry in Charlotte, North Carolina

There is no cabinetry project too large or small for our team. From simple residential remodels to large new-build projects, we know the details are important to the result of your project, and we won’t overlook even the small elements. We never cut corners and can install cabinetry in your kitchen, your bathrooms or other areas like laundry rooms or even clubhouses.

Experience makes a big difference when it comes to working with cabinetry, and we have been installing a variety of quality cabinets since 2003. We are fully licensed and insured, as well as OSHA certified and part of the Better Business Bureau. We hold an unlimited general contractor’s license, meaning that we can take care of many of your construction and remodeling needs beyond cabinetry – we can also handle countertops, flooring, roofing, water damage restoration, appliance installation, plumbing, painting and more.

If you are ready to experience excellence in action, give us a call and talk to us about your cabinetry needs or any other needs you may have for a general contractor.