Air Conditioning Installation

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When performing air conditioning installation, we take the time to do the job right.

The process of air conditioning installation is quite complex. The system contains a number of moving parts, along with indoor and outdoor units that pull in and circulate air throughout the vents. An HVAC contractor is responsible for designing the system as part of the installation process, ensuring that every room will receive sufficient airflow to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. The design process includes placing vents and air intakes, as well as determining where ductwork will be placed within the structure.

Air Conditioning Installation

At Speedy Enrichment Contractor, LLC, we are a trusted provider of HVAC contracting services that specializes in air conditioning installation. We work with property owners to provide a number of services, from home renovations to air conditioning installation and just about everything in between. Our team includes experienced technicians who take pride in the work they do. When performing air conditioning installation, we take the time to do the job right. We perform load testing and install units that are properly sized for the space. An air conditioning unit that is too large will cost more upfront and use more energy than is needed, while an undersized system can run for longer periods of time, causing energy bills to spike. The sizing of the AC unit is a key aspect of professional air conditioning installation, and it’s a step we never skip.

We’re also available to handle air conditioning repair and replacement services if you have an existing unit that needs some attention. Contact us if you’re looking to add an air conditioning system in your home as part of a renovation or construction project, or if you need to schedule service at your property.