Kitchen Cabinetry Design Tips for Beginners

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When you think about having a beautiful kitchen, what are you thinking about? Kitchen cabinetry is one of the largest expenses of any kitchen renovation, so many people make very careful decisions about the type and design of their cabinetry. If you are considering renovations for your kitchen, here are a few cabinetry design tips that any beginner can benefit from:

  • Make a list of what you like and dislike about your current design. Think long and hard about what you like and dislike about your existing kitchen cabinets. Are the cabinets unattractive but the layout is fine? Do you dislike the layout? Do you wish your cabinets were taller or shorter? These things can help you determine what you’d like for your finished design.

Cabinetry can meet many needs in your kitchen

  • Decide if you want your kitchen to blend in or stand out from the rest of the home. Some people want a nice, neutral kitchen, while others use this as a design opportunity. Decide which camp you fall into so you can choose your materials accordingly.
  • Consider smart adjustments and custom features. If you are particularly tall, you might be interested in larger, taller cabinetry. Shorter people might prefer more drawers for easier and more accessible storage. You might even look at custom drawers to be built to house doggy bowls! Cabinetry can meet many needs in your kitchen.
  • Re-think your sink. Think about the type of sink you want, since this can impact your countertop choices and storage options below the sink.

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